A List Of Interesting Economics Dissertation Topics To Explore

Part of preparing for your doctorate in economics involves writing the dissertation. The first thing to do is to choose a supervisor or director and other committee members. To accomplish this successfully, you will need to match the topic or area of study with the skills or competencies of the members of your committee. There are different areas of study with numerous topics in each area. Consider the following broad areas and the topics under each section.

  1. Environmental Economics
  2. With growing concerns over the impact of economic activities on the environment, this would be an interesting area to choose an economics dissertation topic. Focus could be on the value of certain agricultural interventions or activities, urbanization, use of technology, etc. Some of the most interesting topics include:

    • Benefits of crop rotation as an environmental management practice
    • Cost benefit analysis of proposed EPA guidelines on mediation and its impact on the cost of housing
    • Impact of climate change on crop specific diseases, pests, etc
    • Environmental impact of climate specific crops like grapes and the reliant industries
    • Reducing the value of environmental damage by industrialization through technology
  3. Health Economics
  4. Health policies have significant economic impact to warrant attention through a dissertation. The focus may be on different angles including how such policies affect the work environment. Policies contain limits and come with expenditure. As an economist, you should be interested in short and long term impact on target groups as well as the excluded categories. Possible topics in the area are:

    • Microeconomics application of the interaction between Affordable Care Act and new health policies
    • Factors that hinder or encourage the formation of health care districts to enhance service delivery
    • Malaria as a biophysical impediment to development in the third world.
    • The economic potential of mobile penetration in developing countries
    • Why nations should focus on preventive over curative care.
  5. International Economics
  6. This category presents a variety of interesting topics for your economics dissertation. The issues that would be discussed affect individual nations, continents and the world at large. They are both bilateral as well as multilateral in nature. Examples include:

    • The alcohol economics in developed and developing countries
    • Technology as the next greatest resource
    • The developmental drawbacks of conflicts in different regions
    • The changing dynamics of tourism in the wake of visual technology
    • Transportation and logistics as drivers of international trade