Main Things To Know About The Format Of Doctoral Dissertation Cover Page

The cover page is the face of your doctoral dissertation, so it must be composed without the slightest mistake. Be sure to re-read it several times while editing as the eye often misses little shortcomings here. Full range of requirements for the formatting may vary from university to university, but the main rules stay strict and unchanged.

Cover Page of Your Dissertation: Quick Guidelines

  • Include proper contents.
  • The cover page must contain the following information: the paper title, student’s first and last name, first and last names of the sponsoring committee members, the proper name of the program and the department, degree specification, the name of the university and a year of submission. To put it all in order, just browse some examples via Internet.

  • Formulate your dissertation title effectively.
  • The title must include the words that clearly describe the contents of tour thesis statement. However, don’t make them sound in the same way or almost completely duplicate each other. Both the paper title and the thesis statement must me original and have their own value in the revelation of the topic.

  • Avoid improper language and symbols.
  • While writing the title of your paper, stick to concise and simple language, as well as the dry and scientific manner of presenting your point. The title must be free from any abbreviations, symbols, Greek letters, formulas etc. Don’t use the quotation marks around your title.

  • Pay attention to the format.
  • General title page format implies 1,5-inch left and right margins, 1,15-inch top and bottom margins and 12-sized Times New Roman font. Like the rest of the work, it must be printed on the standard printer paper, without using any thick sheets or the ones with a glossy surface.

  • Mind numeration.
  • Remember, that the cover page counts as a page one and, thus, it must be numbered.

More Useful Tips on Dissertation Editing

Despite the fact that the general formatting rules stay the same, every university or even department might have its additional requirements, so it’s better to check them in advance and follow them strictly. In case, if these requirements remained unchanged for several years, you may take a look at the previous students’ works to understand the format correctly.

Also, remember that there’s no use to type the cover page first. Your topic and thesis statement may change during the research process, according to the new information discovered and the results of the analysis performed. That’s why a title page is the last one to be composed and edited.