A Comprehensive Review Of Good Dissertation Topics On Autism

The complex developmental disorders of brain are termed as Autism. When you are asked to carry a comprehensive dissertation review on autism in an impressive manner, you should consider following points and take following parameters into your consideration.

  1. First of all discuss the term ‘Autism’: It should be based on the word count suggested by your instructor. It should be appropriately explained. Discuss the scenario when such situation arises? What is the tentative age? By what other names, the disease is known? Who first diagnosed this disease? What are the causes of Autism? You can talk about social isolation, abnormal language and insistence too.
  2. Secondly discuss why research has been carried on this topic. Your answer can be- “Since I am a student of Medicine or Social Science, I am carrying the research on this topic”. You could also be looking for its cure so that such disorders can be prevented.
  3. How research can be carried? Gather all the data on autism that previous researchers have conducted and study them thoroughly. After you have assimilated all the information properly and all the reviews of previous scholarly students have been taken into consideration, research can be carried narrowing down the focus of study. This step acts as a road map or design of your research review.

Thereby, follow the steps-

  • Visit the local library or the university library and go through the journals available on web thoroughly and prepare notes. The topic of your research will be either PDD (Pervasive Developmental Disorders) or Autism.
  • You can also emphasize on special education, developmental disorders or applied behavior analysis.
  • Apart from that you also need to collect and extract information such as- Name of the article, journal, its publication year, date, year, issue number of publication, place of publication, important variables hypothesis studied, econometrical tools used, results and conclusion.
  • Now, format according to the suggested guidelines provided by your instructor. Check out if you need to write in APA, MLA or Chicago writing style.
  • Always remember, the significant intent of writing any literature review on any topic is to assimilate, compile and reveal efforts of various researchers. Keep the word count in your mind to match the length suggested by your instructor. Also keep in mind that a review never presents any new piece of information.
  • While writing the conclusion, narrow down the scope of study and write down the abstract in minimum possible words.