8 Key Features Of A Great Microeconomics Dissertation

A dissertation is the most difficult academic task that a university student should complete. If you need to create a paper in microeconomics, you should learn how to write it properly before you start working. If your paper will be composed and structured poorly, your committee may not even accept it.

Features of a Well-Written Paper

  1. Narrow topic.
  2. The area of research should be narrow in order to provide the reader with the new and interesting information.

  3. Attention-grabbing title.
  4. A title of a paper should be short and to the point. It should contain key terms from the actual dissertation that will give the reader an understanding of what to expect from the paper.

  5. Clear introduction.
  6. The opening section of a paper should lay out the context of the study and provide the reader with its overall objectives and exact research questions. Here, the reader should also learn about the limitations of the study.

  7. Thorough literature review.
  8. The author should list all the main researchers in the field and write about their main works that influenced the author’s study.

  9. Detailed description of methodology.
  10. This chapter should provide the reader with the information about the actions that the author performed to conduct their research. The methodology description should include even the smallest details so that the reader can duplicate the author’s actions.

  11. Interesting discussion of results.
  12. The author should present the raw figures first and then discuss the outcomes of their study. This is the chapter where the author can express their subjective opinion on the significance of their findings.

  13. Meaningful conclusion.
  14. This chapter should summarize the information given in the dissertation and indicate the objective importance of the work done. It should also contain several ways to continue the study started by the author.

  15. Well-formatted additional sections.
  16. Bibliography and appendices should be added at the end of the paper and be formatted exactly in accordance with the style (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.) indicated in the assignment guidelines.

Earning a High Score for Your Dissertation

It’s not enough just to compose a good paper. One of the most important steps is your defense. You should prepare a good speech and create an illustrative presentation to defend your paper successfully. You should begin working on this as early as possible and give a lot of practice speeches to feel comfortable in front of an audience. Don’t forget to prepare for answering questions that your committee may ask you during and after your defense.