Business Doctoral Dissertation Subject Matters

Business doctoral dissertation subject matters, covers a wide area of subjects. In order to find a good topic, the need to develop the subject that it will come from is equally important. Thus the question to be answered is; “What am I specializing in?” This will lead the student to the right subject, then the topic can be created. Developing the subject is actually a two part process; what general field, then what specialized field. His article will go through the process and explain how to develop the right subject.

  1. What General Field?
  2. What specialized Field?
  3. Fine Tuning
  4. Sample Subjects

What Generalized Field?

In Business, like any other field, there are a number of disciplines that a student can study for. So from here, let’s see what there is.

  • Business Management
  • Management
  • International Business
  • Financial
  • Marketing

These are general, because there are more finer specializations that can be studied, or the student has a goal for. This one will actually be easier than the second step, because it is a course of study the student has been working on. The next step will be based off of how the student is modifying their studies. So for now, what is the student’s major? His will be where their actual subject will come from.

What Specialized Field?

Let's take international business for an example. Hat does the student plan to do with this field of study? If the student was planning to do, say, work in the Precious Metals industry; then this would form the basis of their subject. On the other hand say the student was studying Business Management, then they would look in that field to where they wanted to go with it. So if they wanted to work in the Human Resources field, then this would form their base for their subject.

Fine Tuning

Fine tuning applies when the specialization process can be broken down further. It is not a separate step, but a continuation of the second step. If the student doing the Human Resources, wanted to become a Benefits Specialist, then this would form the subject. Fine tuning is not always needed, but when it is, it can help greatly to develop the subject, and then the topic.

Sample Subjects

  • Territorial laws of Precious Metals
  • Graphic Arts and Marketing
  • Obamacare
  • Teamwork Issues
  • Unstable Marketplace
  • Tariffs and Taxes