Getting Master's Degree: How To Write A Thesis

If you are trying to get your master’s degree you will need to complete the master’s thesis. This is the final document that you present before being awarded your degree. The purpose is to prove to a review board that you have learned enough to adequately research and contribute to the academic sphere in which you are focused. It is much like a final term paper only a much larger commitment.

So when should you start writing your master’s thesis?

You should start your paper as soon as you have the information. The sooner you get started the easier it will be for you to stay on track.

Remember that academic writing is not as much about talent but more about being patient and practicing a lot. The first steps of any writing assignment will take a lot of effort and the earlier you start the sooner you will get “in the mood” and ready to get the work completed.

If you start sooner rather than later you can keep all of your early thoughts out while they remain fresh in your mind. This alleviates the risk of having a great thought and then having it disappear before you have an opportunity to write it down. The worst thing is knowing that you had a great argument in the back of your mind but being unable to retrieve it. Time is wasted when you sit and struggle to recall.

Remember that the first draft will never be perfect… or anywhere near perfect. Chances are you are going to need to redo the draft thoroughly at least once or twice regardless of how great your outline and research might be. That being said the sooner you start on your research and writing the more time you will have to sharpen the thesis and the arguments.

Another trick is starting early because the sooner you can get out a first draft the easier it is for you to stay motivated enough to prepare multiple subsequent drafts. This is a psychological way to stay ahead of the game.

Thinking and writing are skills that are highly connected. As you start the writing process new concepts and ideas will appear and you will start to think of new ways to improve your thesis and make it better. The sooner you start writing the more time you allot yourself to incorporate new ideas.