Writing A Business Dissertation: 10 Interesting Topics To Use

What is a business dissertation?

  • A business dissertation is a research paper that is written by a student who wants to obtain their Masters or Undergraduate Degree in Business.
  • A business dissertation is a research paper that is written by an individual for their employer and known as a MBA that is Executive and is sponsored by the employee’s company.
  • A business dissertation determines the student’s managerial skills and leadership skills.

Who are the main shareholders regarding the business dissertation?

  • The college or university professor who must grade the dissertation.
  • The student who has to complete and write the dissertation.
  • The student’s potential employer or current employer who will determine one’s potential based on the dissertation.

How to choose a good topic for the business dissertation?

  • The student should choose a topic that will ensure that they receive their MBA or Undergraduate Degree in Business.
  • The topic chosen should demonstrate the student’s skill level in business.
  • The topic chosen by the student should maintain the standards and guidelines outlined by the professor.
  • The topic chosen for the business dissertation should be one that teaches the student new skills and knowledge needed to be successful as a business manager.
  • The topic chosen for the business dissertation should be one that is easy to research and has enough information to conduct research on.

What are some good topics for a business dissertation?

  • How international law affects American businesses doing business in other countries?
  • How modern technology has made it easy for corporations, in different countries, to do business together?
  • How has the European Union affect the business world in the USA and Europe?
  • How has globalization affect the growth of business in third-world countries?
  • Is it good for an American Business to do a Joint Venture with a Foreign Company?
  • What is the difference between a prime contractor and sub-contractor when doing business with the US Federal Government?
  • How should a business be properly organized if it would like to do business with the government or foreign companies?
  • How to legally protect one’s business when drafting a joint venture agreement with another company?
  • What is a partnership agreement between two corporations?
  • How much power should the Board of Directors have in a corporation?
  • How to be an effective leader of one’s own business or corporation?
  • What makes an effective CEO or COO of a corporation or business?