How To Compose Good Photography Dissertation Topics

If you are trying to complete a photography dissertation, and you are in need of the perfect topic, then look no further.

The perfect dissertation topic is one which has been approved by your advisor (or at least will be approved). It should also be something that you really love. Since the dissertation is such a long process, you are going to be stuck with the topic you picked for a while, so make sure you won’t get bored with it midway through the project.

That being said, below are a few generic dissertation topics from which you can choose. Remember that you need to ensure it is something relatable to your field, and also something about which you are passionate. It is best for you to consider the list below as a foundation. It is a stepping stone which ought inspire you to brain storm and free write until you find something that you love:

  • You can write a dissertation about the impact that photojournalism has had on charities and giving. Many people who participate in athletic fundraisers have been able to gain increased sponsorships because a photojournalist captured them in the event. This brings them great publicity, as does their cause and their sponsors. Can photojournalism be used effectively to raise more money for charities?

  • You can write a dissertation about photoshop and how celebrity magazine covers are often re-touched. This has brought with it a storm of dissent, particularly from those who argue that airbrushing has produced a negative mind set in society. Teens and adolescent girls are particularly at risk because they see celebrities whom they admire and then strive for a perfect and touched up body too. Self harm and eating disorders spring from this and photographers seem to be the fence about it.

  • You can write a dissertation about the merits of black and white prints for landscape photography compared to color. It is argued that ethereal beauty from landscapes can be better captured using black and white. And yet, one could argue that this takes away greatly from many of the aspects of photography, lighting, color, etc…

  • You can write a dissertation about whether professional photography still utilizes privacy. Those who work in the public sphere seem ever at risk for exploitation from photographers. Should personal ethics be all that there is to rely upon in this case?