How To Come Up With A Promising Marketing Dissertation Topic

The first and perhaps the greatest challenge that will face you when you begin your PhD is coming up with a terrific topic. This is true in any discipline, including, of course, marketing. Taking the time to do some research, and consulting with your adviser (and peers) will make sure that you come up with a topic and a thesis that are 100% original and unique.

Your marketing dissertation will be expected to make a new addition to the existing research and literature in your given field. That said, don't go looking for a topic that will revolutionize the whole field of marketing. Instead, focus on a specific area that is of interest to you, preferably one where you already have done considerable research.

Make sure your thesis is concise and highlights what the focus of the work and research will be. Make sure your topic grabs the attention of the reader, and makes them want to know more. Here are a few areas of the marketing field, and suggested topics within them to help you get your work underway.

Branding Dissertation Topics

The importance of creating and promoting a company's brand has perhaps never been as important as it is today. Businesses, and even individuals (celebrities etc.) are always on the lookout for ways to gain a competitive advantage using top notch branding. International expansion often requires adjusting a firm's branding strategy to be more effective in the country and culture where the company hopes to see success.

  • Are the most successful brands always the producers of the best products and/or services?
  • How well does the public understand the core values and brand of a company? Use the Body Shop as a case study.

Direct Marketing Dissertation Topics

What tools and techniques can a company use to target consumers? Which media are the most effective at selling to different segments of the population? Direct marketing dissertation topics can be varied:

  • Is there a difference in the way that people respond to short and long term offers?
  • Does the ethnicity of a sales associate influence the buying decisions of customers in a retail environment?
  • How is facebook being used to market to consumers?

Cross Cultural Marketing Dissertation Topics

Business has undergone a rapid period of globalization. This has resulted in an increased awareness and sensitivity to different cultural norms and thus marketing considerations for goods and services offered abroad.

  • How does a company's logo affect its brand impact in different cultures and countries. For example, Why was there an uproar over the Nike logo in some strict Islamic countries? Are there lessons to be learned?
  • What effect, if any, does a culture's family orientation have on a firm's marketing strategy?