Finding A Sample Dissertation Acknowledgement Online

Understanding what should be included in the acknowledgement section

In order to recognise an acknowledgement section when you see one, you will need to understand what should be included in it. Essentially, this section of your essay will provide a list of different people who’ve helped you during the writing process. You may wish to include personal messages thanking people who have helped you, including details of what it is that they did to assist you. Alternatively, you may simply just include the name of all the different people, and possibly what relation they are to.

You are likely to include names of any promoters, tutors or teachers who you have worked with. Also, if you have any research partners that you work with, or other colleagues who assisted in the process, then you can include their names as well. Furthermore, if you had some assistance from friends or family, then this is the appropriate place to acknowledge the part that they played in helping you to write your dissertation.

How samples can help you to write your work

If you have never written an acknowledgement section for a dissertation before then you may be unsure of exactly how it should be structured, as well as what you should include. Therefore, looking at acknowledgement sections that have been written by other people can give you the inspiration and understanding required in order to do your own work.

Of course, you can’t copy any else’s acknowledgement sections – which would put you at risk of plagiarism even if you did - as each acknowledgement section is highly unique to the individual who wrote the work. However, it is often incredibly useful to simply see how other people have written the work, in order to give you the confidence and ability to write your own work.

Where to look and what to look out for

With a basic understanding of what should be included in an acknowledgement section, and what they should look like, you will be ready to start looking for samples that can help you. There are plenty of websites that provide different academic content for students to download, including complete papers. In fact, as well as looking for individual acknowledgement sections, you may wish to look for complete dissertations as well. You can then look for the acknowledgement section within any complete papers that you have downloaded, so as to see how they have been written.