Creating A Winning MBA Dissertation Title: Great Tips & Examples

Dissertation work is one of the most difficult and unwanted activities that you will definitely have to deal with in order to get your MBA certificate. When it comes to choosing your topic, you will definitely face a hard time. This is because the topic you choose will define your career and master’s credentials. Therefore, you will be caught up in a pickle on choosing an MBA title topic that will boost your career and at the same time easily manageable.

At this point, you need to consider a title that is based on what you are interested in. Choose a topic that you can relate to or are familiar with. This will not only help you save time spent on the topic, but also helps you maintain interest even after a long time on the subject. Also, you need to choose a topic the does not affect your current priorities. You need to select a thesis that you won’t have to spend hours on, especially if you are working and studying at the same time. In case you are a full time student, then you need to find a topic that is complex enough for the time you have at your disposal.

The following are some examples of MBA dissertation titles you can use:

  1. In-depth look at how the introduction of credit cards has affected the banking industry.
  2. How retail layout and design affect the performance of a retail business.
  3. The influence of culture on international business negotiations.
  4. How innovative companies get ahead of competition by use of technology.
  5. How well implemented systems reduce the risks involved with production of production development.
  6. Measuring national competitiveness of a country through the offshoring and outsourcing activities.
  7. Importance of economic integration between developing countries.
  8. An extensive study of how economic development has assisted in reducing poverty levels in Ghana and Uganda.
  9. Analysis of supply chain risk and possible methods to minimize the risk of disruptions in the chain.
  10. Effects of allotment of bonds and stock assets on portfolio performance.
  11. An in-depth research on the impact of online advertising and impact on the consumer buying behavior across all ages.
  12. The future of secularization and its effect on the banking industry.
  13. An in-depth research on the effects of family ties in business and the overall performance of such kinds of business institutions.