Writing A Chemistry Doctoral Thesis: 10 Innovative Topics

This is the most challenging paper that you will be asked to write in your life. It is the time when you are really put to the test. It is where you will need to focus all of your education and effort towards a common goal. When it comes to writing this type of paper, it is so important that you have a solid topic to write about.

You will need to get your topic approved before you go too far into the process. The idea is to add knowledge to the field and create a paper that is good enough to publish. Your paper may even be used by future students in your same shoes.

Here are the 10 most innovative ideas:

  1. Molecule that can adhere in wet environments: will work great for surgeries
  2. Hybrid microscope: uses vibrations to identify material’s composition
  3. Drinking water risks: the dangers of shallow fracking
  4. New hydrogel discovery: mimics the muscle
  5. Solar energy: development of an effective way to store, carry, and release hydrogen
  6. Copper clusters: used to capture carbon dioxide and make it into fuel
  7. Protein: a trigger for the metabolism of cancer cells
  8. Nicotine-eating bacteria: may be a cure to cigarette addiction
  9. Silicon Lithium-Ion Batteries: give your car the ultimate boost
  10. Using plant life as an energy source

The first step is to decide on a topic and then start developing a solid proposal. You will have to convince the board that you will have enough information on your subject to write an impressive doctoral thesis on your subject. Therefore, you will want to give them a lot of information as to how and why you will be able to complete this assignment.

An outline is one of the best ways to handle the presentation of your idea. You can create an outline and determine what you thesis would be. Then when you start your research, you will know what to focus it on and then work to show your board that there will be enough information to write a solid paper that explains the main point that you are trying to make with your paper.

Your topic should be catchy and detailed. You want your reader to see the title and know exactly what your paper is about. It is such a great way to score high on this assignment.