A List Of Impressive Ideas For Your Master's Dissertation On Terrorism

Even if you think that there are no active military actions on the territory of your country, it does not mean you can feel completely safe. Riding the subway, shopping at a mall or taking a walk in the park can become extremely dangerous. Most likely, you will not even understand what happened to you until after the accident. Loud noise, people screaming and running away in different directions – this is the only thing you will realize, if you are in the centre of a terror act. If you decide to study this problem and let it become the topic of your Master's dissertation – you will learn much more about it. Moreover, you will bring the part of you into prevention and resolvement of one of the most important threats to world peace. Sounds exciting? All that's left is to select a good topic!

Good subject makes a perfect topic.

Selecting the general direction of where you paper will go is already half of the way. If you choose terrorism as the subject you want to study closely enough to be able to write a dissertation on it, you will be able to select a wonderful topic. Terrorism is currently one of the most important security issues. Nations and international organizations find themselves participating in counter-terrorism actions one way or another. A professional in this field will never have problems with pursuing a successful career in the field.

15 ideas for your (counter-)terrorism dissertation.

  1. Political terrorism as am important force of political impact.
  2. Counter-terrorism methodology in the countries of Far East – important lessons.
  3. Ethnic profiling as a counter-terrorism method: reliability and ethics.
  4. Domestic and foreign terrorism: methods and reasons.
  5. The influence of religion on terrorist organizations and their activities.
  6. Twitter-blockage in Turkey due to terrorist threats: practicality and necessity.
  7. Role of women in domestic terrorism and their place in according organisations.
  8. Common security as the main principle of NATO-policies.
  9. Understanding the reasons: psychological motivation of terrorists.
  10. Is terrorism a naturally determined development of the multicultural society?
  11. Successful counter-terrorism actions: comparison of democratic and monarchic states.
  12. Counter-terrorism: investigation methods and techniques, used during the terror act in France.
  13. Transnational terror organizations: a new level of intercultural cooperation.
  14. Terrorism and open war: differences, consequences and prevention.
  15. Influence of migration rates on the terror acts frequency: a statistical study.