Searching For Good Social Work Dissertation Examples

Reading through other scholar's work can help inspire you and make it easier for you to formulate a good thesis. Even just scanning through the topics that other people have chosen for their social work dissertations can be helpful. You can get an idea of what topics have been done to death, and what areas seem to have been ignored.

Your peers and professors are two good sources of information regarding where to find the best examples of good social work dissertation examples. It highly probable they have found themselves in your position in the past. As they know you personally, they will be able to better guide you towards dissertations that are of a subject matter relevant to you. It can be useful to do searches on the internet, but you may spend a lot of time sifting through material which is not useful to you.

Nevertheless, the web can be a great source of examples of top quality social work dissertations. Many of the sites offer free basic access for PhD and other students searching for dissertation examples. Here are some tips for conducting your own search:

  1. Narrow Your Search By Using Specific Social Work Categories
  2. You will make much more efficient use of your time online if you search for a particular topic or social work category. For example, if you are interested in methodology or new research strategies in the field of social work, then include these terms when you google.

    Alternatively, if you are focusing your studies on substance abuse issues, social justice or child care then those phrases should be in your search parameters.

  3. Include Keywords And Core Ideas In your Search
  4. Narrow your searches down even further, by adding detailed information about what kind of dissertations you need. For example, words like inequities,impact, rehabilitation and so on will filter out unnecessary hits.

Another source of good examples of other scholar's dissertations can be found by visiting the website of a university that has a highly regarded PhD social work program. The same goes for research facilities, government agencies and not for profit organizations. Their site may contain works (or links to dissertations) that are not available elsewhere.

You can always call or email an institution directly for help in hunting down especially specialized dissertations, or even just to ask for advice. They may be able to tell you how to make your search speedy, and successful!