Dissertation Writing In Details: Making A Proper Title

The title of your dissertation is the very first thing that your professor will read before he or she starts to read all the research that you have done over the years to compose it.  This title has to be great and tell them about what your dissertation.  There are some ways that you can make a proper title for your dissertation.  I will tell you the simplest ways to make your dissertation title stand out as much as your dissertation.

Making A Proper Title

  • Your title is more than random description of your dissertation but is the first summary of what your dissertation is about.  It shows the reader what kind of research you did on the project and tells them what will follow in your dissertation.

  • Use language to give your dissertation a powerful and compelling title.  Use your English majors to help you with this if you don’t know that much about linguistics.

  • Be clear in your title, you don’t want to start your dissertation off wrong because you title has little to do with your topic of your dissertation.

  • If your dissertation has different purposes in your field, make sure you narrow down the specific purpose that you are going for in your dissertation.  This will help make the title clear, so the reader knows what to expect in the dissertation.

  • There are books and diagrams out there can help you construct a title.  If you are really stuck on a title, you can try one of those to help you.

  • Stay focused on the title, keep it short and make sure it is relevant to the research that you did on your dissertation.  You don’t need extra material or padded words in your title.

  • A good dissertation title will make your work recognizable from other works on related topics.  Don’t use generic words and make it original.

  • Make sure the entire format of your title page is correct.  I know you may want to be creative with your dissertation but most schools have a required format that you have to follow.  This usually includes the date, your name, department, school, and of course the title.

  • You can try to add a little humor to your title but don’t go overboard on it.  You want the humor to be tasteful and can be used to hook the reader.  You don’t want to go too far and lose your credibility on your dissertation.