Is It Hard To Write A Doctoral Dissertation?

Writing a doctoral thesis is a huge task, which deals with problems for getting started, to get it done in an organized manner.

  • The problem of getting started
  • When the researcher is about to begin thesis, writing seems like a long and tedious task to achieve due to its length and difficulty level, but as we approach towards the end, it gives an enjoyment based on the achievement of satisfaction, pleasure of making considerable improvements in writing and giving it a fitting conclusion.

  • Preparing the outline
  • The thesis outline contains the chapter headings, sub headings, figures, titles, notes and comments by following a certain order and structure till the end. It would help to start with simpler sections like materials and methodology and then move to complex sections. The key words provide the skeleton of the outline.

  • Organization task
  • Open a word processor for each chapter, cite references and provide notes. Perform to keep a backup of the files everyday and ensure its safety by sending it as an email attachment. Maintain folders to store collected information on chapters. Files will contain- results, calculations, old notes, references, calibrations, specifications, speculation, letters from colleagues etc. Group and organize them to provide relevant data for the chapters or archive your electronic data in a proper format for long term storage.

  • Follow a timetable
  • Make a timetable for writing the doctoral research by listing the dates of submission of first and second drafts of each chapter. It helps to structure your time and provides to meet targets without procrastination. Follow a check list.

  • Provide an iterative solution
  • Make notes or type text in few paragraphs and then work on them. Read each chapter in draft form and get it revised by your advisor to make improvements. How much detail is to be included in the research paper must be assessed based on the requirement of the project. Avoid making vague arguments and be clear in your approach towards the doctoral research paper. Use figures, tables, diagrams, statistics, flowcharts, graphs etc to give precise details of research.

  • Use an appropriate style
  • The text used must be clear devoid of grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors and must reflect thoughtful writing. The language used must be formal. Use of short and simple phrases are recommended and long phrases can be used to communicate complicated issues. Try to present arguments and information in bullet points to make it look simpler. Use active voice.

  • Drafting a conclusion
  • Thesis is a huge work and cannot be made perfect in a finite time. So, set your deadline to improve on the doctoral dissertation and to make it as good as you can in a certain timeframe.

  • Presentation of doctoral research paper
  • Provide reasonably neat diagrams with moderate resolution and avoid using photographs. Do not leave big gaps to make the research paper look lengthy, rather concentrate on its quality and discourage large number of vague and unnecessary sentences used in dissertation.