What Do You Need To Know To Write A Good Thesis Paper On Water Quality?

If you take a class in environmental studies or marine studies, you may be asked to write a paper on water quality. Before you write the paper, you will need to decide who is determining that quality and what parameters exist. Is the water being examined and explored for watering lawns or is it for public consumption? Use our ideas and our topic suggestions as you compose this essay.

  • Pollution and hazardous run-off -is the water you are using or drinking polluted? How was it polluted? What is considered the safe area for any corruption?

  • Diseases –what diseases can be transmitted and contracted from pollutions? What are the symptoms and what are the cures? How can they be prevented in the future?

  • Shortages -what areas in the world have shortages, why do they have shortages, and is there a mandatory law in place considering use?

  • Control -who controls this valuable resource and why? What are their guidelines and concerns? How can this control hinder people, crops, and animals? How can it help people, crops, and animals?

  • Uses for Water -there are many uses for this important resource. Consider exploring all the ways it can be used in your world. Look at the quality parameters.

  • Oxygen, Iodine, and Sodium -how do they impact the quality? What is the perfect balance? How is oxygen, iodine, and sodium used or misused? What is the dissolved oxygen calculation and the biological oxygen demands?

  • Fluoride or Not -to fluoride or not? And who uses it and who does not use it? What does it do and why? Who makes this choice?

  • Bottled water -how is it processed? Who controls what is and is not in it? What impact has the bottle industry had on the supply and demand?

  • Cleaning it in Third World Countries-what developments have been made to help those who have a shortage or those who have impure supplies?

As you can see, the topic is a bit deeper than you might first imagine. You will need to use surveys, case studies, quotes by experts, statistics, and data support for this paper. All of these sources must be credible and reliable. It will probably be written in APA style and you will need a reference sheet. Use our tips so that you will have a perfect essay the next time this subject tis assigned!