Complete Instructions On Creating A Doctoral Dissertation On Sociology

The sociology dissertation is a paper that discusses the results of a profound and original investigation of some sociological question, which the writer must answer and discuss. It is important to choose such a research question that can be effectively explored, but in the same time will demonstrate the writer’s deep comprehension of sociology. As all doctoral dissertations, a dissertation on sociology is expected to be written according to certain rules, concerning its structure. The standard format usually requires five main parts, each having a particular content.

  • Identify the Topic in Introduction
  • Explain the importance of the subject matter and state the purpose of the dissertation. Put forward a hypothesis that contains a prediction as to the problem’s probable resolution. Use logical and concise manner of writing to let the reader get awareness of the subject.

  • Denote the Problem in the Dissertation Hypothesis Section
  • It is very important to present here a strong and convincing rationale for the study that explains the problem’s significance to society and the necessity of conducting an additional or new research of it. Prove that the current views on the problem under investigation are inadequate or outdated. The rationale must justify the subject of the dissertation.

  • Summarize the Existing Knowledge on the Problem in Literature Review Section
  • Enumerate the facts and the data that are known and acknowledged by the scientific society. Keep in mind that the dissertation will challenge some of them, so study thoroughly and analyze accurately as many primary sources on the subject as possible, and list the most cited in this section.

  • Explain Methods and Instruments of Research in Methodology Section
  • According to the requirements of academic institutions, you should inform about the objectives, procedures, timelines, tools, ethical considerations accounted and used while investigating the problem. As far as sociology is a systematic study of human society and its transformation, give a detailed description of the subject population: gender, age, race, religious beliefs, level of education, etc. Describe the instruments of data collection: surveys, interviews, questionnaires, experiments, and case studies. Present the data and the methods, used to obtain them, in the form of statistical analysis, included in this section.

  • Summarize the Results of your Investigation in Conclusion
  • In this the most valuable part of the dissertation, summarize and explain in details what has been found, studied, proved. Limit the results to concrete facts. Mind that the results of the research should be stated, irrespective of whether they support the hypothesis or not. If possible, indicate the further steps in eliminating the problem.

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